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food ingredients Key Blends food ConcentrateKey Blends is the extended shelf life bakery product experts.  We offer innovative custom food blends and NonGMO blends.  We are here to help our customers with their Bakery and Food Technical Questions.

We have extensive experience in the food industry.

Our experience ranges from Food Science, Bakery Science, Emulsification Science and over 60 years of Industrial Food production in the US, Asia and beyond.

We excel in the technical field of extended shelf life bakery products. We currently produce bakery concentrates and mixes that produce packaged cake donuts, yeast raised donuts, honey buns and other baked goods with a shelf life of over 45 days!

Key Blends  produces quality bakery concentrates, mixes, and bases.

Key Blend's specialty is in producing the highest quality mix or concentrate at an affordable price while giving the customer the lowest bowl cost and the best technical service.

Our bakery technical service is second to none.

If you need bakery assistance in the formulation of yeast donuts, cake donuts, honey buns, cakes, muffins, sweet dough, danish or other bakery products, call Key Blends. We have significant research and technical experience. Our technical support is second to none in the industry. Key Blends will assist your bakery in producing the best yeast donuts, cake donuts, cakes, pastries at a significant cost saving.

When you use Key Blend ingredients you get more than just a box of ingredients.  You get our team that has the hands on experience and science background to help you overcome your technical challenges.

Call us today to see how we can assist with your Food technical challenges.

Concentrate Advantage

Food Ingredients Key Blends Concentrate

Concentrates in Food Production

Food concentrates helps t ahe processor maintain quality while keeping costs under control.  Most plants are looking for ways to simplify operations to minimize mistakes and maximize profits.  Concentrates are Key to cost savings and plant simplification.

Key Blends Bakery Concentrate Concept

The concept is simple.  We remove as much of the commodity ingredients as possible.  This leaves a small percentage of the highly functional ingredients that are hard to manage.  These remaining ingredients are put into a concentrated blend that is easier to manage and use in your plant.  We can make the change over to concentrates easy, by making the plant formula simple.  We can adjust our concentrate to make many of the ingredient adds as full bags or user friendly weights.

 Think of this as formula simplification.  For the companies that are buying mixes.  We will remove the commodities from the mix which are over 80 to 90% of the mix.  This allows you to purchase and use the commodities in their much cheaper form.  Concentrates will save you money.  Fewer rejects, fewer mistakes and more productivity.

For Non-USA customers, a concentrate is the easiest and cheapest way to import American food products.  By removing the commodities there is less to ship. Less weight equals more savings.  Most of our products can be made Non-GMO with internationally friendly ingredients. Many times concentrates have lower duty rates than the commodity containing ingredient. Contact us to see how we can help.

 Key Blends will help you develop a custom  concentrate for your product. With our USDA certified mix plant we can make concentrates that range from dairy to cheese, to meat, to flavors, to bakery.

Our Philosophy

Service • Quality • Product Development

Key Blends Bakery concentrates and food ingredientsWe aspire to separate ourselves from the competition by providing the best possible customer and technical service. We take our responsibility very seriously and expect our name and products to be associated with quality and exceptional taste.

 Service is the missing link in the food industry.  Key Blends will assist you with professionals who have the knowledge and experience to solve your problems. Our Technical service is second to none in the food industry.  Our food experts will solve your problems.  This is where our competition fails and we show the Key Blends Advantage.

Our Mission Statement

Through the skills and commitment of our staff, we will excel in product quality and technical innovations that serve our customers. We are committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behavior that builds trust with our staff and our customers. We will provide Technical Ingredient Solutions that our customers want. We have nothing to sell unless there is something you want to buy.