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What differentiates Key Blends...

About Key BlendsKey Blends strives NOT to be a "me too" supplier of food ingredients. Our highly concentrated blends are all custom blended for your plant. Custom bakery concentrates result in innovative, unique products that will produce products with differentiation.  Most mix companies will require HUGE minimums for custom mixes.  Key Blends has the unique ability to make custom blends for your plant in reasonable quantities.  Custom blends allow you to stand out from your competition!

Our technical staff is second to none in the industry. We firmly believe in providing technical support to train your entire staff from supervision to line operators. Our technical expert, Rick Cavanaugh, will guide you to produce the best product in the industry.  Rick is a food scientist with degrees from the University of Maryland  in Food Science and a Baking Science degree from the American Institute of Baking.  Rick also has over 35 years experience formulating and running bakery products throughout the world.  Partner with Key Blends and you will have Rick Cavanaugh as your formulation consultant


Quality products made from Quality concentrates from Key Blends and our excellent technical training.

Are you tired of ingredient companies bringing in a "standard out of the bag" mix that produces a product that is not what you asked for?

We produce custom concentrates are made for your plant and your needs. We evaluate your needs, your equipment, and your market to develop the ideal concentrate for your operation.


Our technical knowledge combined with our service in the field allows Key Blends to succeed where others have failed. Years of experience in the lab, as well as extensive experience in the largest food manufacturers in the United States and abroad, have given us an advantage over our competition.

Key Blends

Rick Cavanaugh - President- 35 years experience in the formulation and production of high quality extended shelf life baked food products.  BS degree in Food Science.  Rick has worked for or has developed products for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Key Mix Corporation, Flowers Foods, Interstate Bakeries, and many other top bakeries in the US and around the world.


George Shapiro - CFO - 25 years experience in the food industry with emphasis on food emulsifiers and savory ingredients. George's background brings innovative emulsification systems that create more stable and moister products.


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