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Do you need an expert in the field of baking to help you with your technical issues?  Key Blends has the best technical expert in the industry who can solve your technical issues.  Rick Cavanaugh has over 35 years experience formulating and running baked goods throughout the world.  His experience is a blend of true bakery science blended with the art of baking.  Call us and see what we can do for you.
Our customers get the following:


Rick has over 35 years experience in the formulation and production of wholesale sweet baked goods.  Rick is very familiar with the art of baking and has a solid background in Food Science.  Rick has degrees in Food Science as well as a degree in Baking Science and Technology from The American Insitute of Baking.  This knowledge combined with a solid 35 years in the wholesale baking Industry and Baking Mix Industry gives our customers the knowledge to compete with a superior product.

Our experience is not limited to the United States. Rick has experience making and exporting mixes to China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, S. Korea, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, UK, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and more.  




Our customers get the following:

• Expert formulation and production advice


• We offer expert assistance in the formulation production of sweet baked goods such as donuts and sweet goods. Our extensive knowledge and experience in sweet bakery products allow us to guide you in proper formulation and methods to produce the highest quality baked goods. We are the donut and sweet baked goods experts.  We can improve your products giving you the shelf life and quality you desire.


• Flour and Wheat Advice


• We offer expert assistance in navigating the confusing world of flour specifications.


• Which flour should you buy?

• Hard White Wheat Flour, Soft White Wheat Flour, Hard Red Wheat Flour, Soft Red Wheat Flour, Hard Red Spring Flour.
• Flour protein quality is more important than flour protein quantity.  Proper specification selection assures your products meet your customer's expectations of quality
• Ash is one of the most misunderstood quality parameters of wheat. High Ash is an indication of higher extraction and higher protein. Many times a lower ash and protein level will give superior baking characteristics. Some products perform better with higher ash and protein. Wheat crops vary from year to year and the protein levels and protein quality will vary with this. A firm understanding of flour is vital to producing consistently high quality baked goods. Our expert knowledge of baking and flour can help you select the proper flour for your application and we can help guide you to the proper dough conditioners needed for that flour.


• In Plant Training


• In plant service after the sale is the most critical service we supply.
• In plant training of your supervision and line workers assure that you will get the full value of the products you purchase. Proper training from Key Blends will give your operation the competitive advantage you need in today's business environment. Baking is 50% science and 50% art. Combining the science of baking and the art of baking is critical in obtaining the performance needed to compete in today's environment.Our customers can take advantage of our "mini" food science course for their staff. We will train your staff about water activity, pH, fermentation, basic microbiology, emulsification, lipid chemistry, starches, enzymes, and gums. We can customize a course specific to your plant's needs.


• Innovative Solutions


• By collaborating extensively with manufacturers, distributors and retailers; interacting with the food processing centers and networking with universities worldwide, our sales consultants bring a wide variety of technical experiences to the table as well as sensible knowledge of all segments of the food ingredient and retail sectors. This diverse approach enables us to provide innovative solutions to your food product and ingredient purchasing challenge.



• New Line Startups

• Key Blends provides new line setup assistance and guidance. Installation of new lines is an expensive proposition. Expert advice is recommended to assure the equipment you are installing will give the results you desire. Our experience in line start-ups can help prevent costly errors in selecting the wrong equipment. We have been instrumental in providing advice and setting up dry mix plants, honey bun lines, yeast raised donut lines, danish lines, sweet dough lines, bagel lines, cake lines, muffin lines, croissant lines and more.