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American Style Donuts

American Style Yeast Donuts

American Style Cake Donut

American Style Yeast Donuts

American Style Yeast Donuts and American Style Cake Donuts made from concentrates that are made in America.  We are the donut experts in donut formulation and production methods.  

Different formulations are needed for each production method such as table cut and pressure cut.  We can work with your local flours, sugar and shortenings to produce excellent yeast and cake donuts.

Key Blends has the technology and knowledge to produce American Style Donuts in you bakery in your country!

We can produce donut concentrates that are Non-GMO with internationally friendly ingredients.  This means we can get our donut concentrates into more countries around the world.

Concentrates are the only economical way of shipping American Style Donut Mixes internationally.  Why should you ship flour, sugar, and shortening when you can buy those locally without the huge cost associated with importation.


Contact us for more information on how you can economically make real American Style Donuts in your Country, in your bakery.