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Extended Shelf Life Glazed Donuts

Key Blends is the only company offering a system to produce extreme shelf life packaged glazed yeast donuts.  Our system allows for a perfect donut with a shelf life exceeding 4 months.


  1. No Melting of glaze in sealed packages
  2. No drying of donut
  3. No Wet donut glaze
  4. Donuts soft after long shelf life
  5. Ability to increase shipping time and distance
  6. Consumer is able to consume donut over longer period

Key Blends system is comprised of 2 parts.

Our yeast donut concentrate -  Concentrated donut mix where you add your own flour, sugar and shortening which saves money over mixes and bases and provides a soft donut

Our Extreme Shelf life Glaze Stabilizer - Our special stabilizer combined with a special blend of sugars to produce a glaze that DOES NOT MELT in a long shelf life package environment.

This system does cost more than a traditional donut, but the shelf life difference is extreme.  This donut system allows you to extend your range of shipping with or without freezing.  The consumer will prefer this donut as even at 30 days and more it will eat and look better than a traditional donut at 24 hours.  The difference is amazing.

This product does best in commercial bakeries and you must have the ability to cook glazes and maintain temperatures of the glaze through out the process.  


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