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Yeast Donut Concentrate

Yeast Donut Concentrate

Yeast Donut Concentrate

Yeast Raised donuts are a fried donut made with a medium rich yeast raised dough. Today's yeast raised donuts have a typical shelf life of 30 days wrapped in a fin-sealed package. Boxed shelf life is typically 4 to 14 days depending on packaging. The shelf life of yeast raised donuts has increased substantially over the past 10 years due to advancements in emulsifier and enzyme technologies.


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Our Donut concentrates contain Internationally friendly ingredients that are allowed in most countries.  Our concentrates are the easiest way to make American Style doughnuts around the world.

Key Blends gets many inquiries on how to produce an excellent eating yeast raised donuts that have high volume and of course has an excellent shelf life. Key Blends has the technology and experience to give you the maximum shelf life and quality of yeast raised donuts. We currently make super concentrates that can produce yeast raised donuts that have a shelf life of over 30 days depending on the packaging! Our super concentrated mix for making yeast donuts has a usage level of 4 to 10 lbs of concentrate for every 100 lbs of flour.  Key Blends staff has extensive experience in producing high quality extended shelf life yeast raised donuts.


Key Blends excels in training your staffers in proper production techniques of yeast raised donut production. We will take the time to assure that everyone in your production facility will be able to produce and troubleshoot your yeast raised donut line. Our technical service is second to none in the industry!


Emulsification, enzymes, production techniques, and of course, proper fermentation are all needed to make a high-quality yeast raised donut. Our knowledge in this field is extensive and we can improve the quality of your yeast raised donuts.


Our yeast raised donut super concentrate allows the baker to add his own flour, shortening, and sugar. Our yeast raised donut concentrates are used at very low levels. The usage is 4 lbs to 10 lbs yeast raised donut concentrate for every 100 lbs of flour. This is the strongest yeast raised donut concentrate on the market. This gives the baker flexibility to modify the products richness for the customers tastes. Concentrates also allow the baker to produce the highest quality product at a lower price.


Our extensive knowledge includes plant design and layout. If you are planning a new yeast raised donut line, contact us for a consultation. We have experience with pressure cut, table cut, and stamper systems. Buying the right yeast raised donut production equipment the first time will prevent many headaches in the future.


Key Blends knows donuts.  We are the donut experts.

Try our new yeast donut shelf life extender.  This is a highly concentrated blend of a unique emulsifier, ascorbic acid, and enzymes.  This blend is used at 1 to 2% based on total flour in the formula.  Our unique blend contains a proprietary emulsification system with the perfect amount of enzymes, leavening agents and oxidation agents to make the perfect American style yeast raised donut. The finished product has the highly desirable melt in your mouth texture with excellent keeping properties.





Our donut concentrate is of the highest quality available anywhere.

Typical Bowl Handling is:

100      Flour

8         Key Blends Concentrate

10       Sugar

8         Shortening

6         Yeast

50       Water

Our concentrated donut blend increases tolerance in mixing, extruding and sheeting.  The emulsifier system will provide maximum anti-staling properties for maximum shelf life.

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