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Dry Fruit Filling Concentrates

Key Blends has a line of dry fruit filling concentrates that allow the baker to make a fruit filling using a dry powder concentrate.  A dry concentrate allows the baker to customize his filling by varying the amount of sugar (or use corn syrup) and water.  Fruit juice powders and fruits can be added as well to make a truly distinct product

These  products are designed for donut fillings and other uses that require zero fruit particles and have 'Cling' to prevent fillings from squeezing out during consumption.  

Our dry Fruit Filling Concentrates have a VERY long shelf life and allow the baker to make what he needs without the costly shipping of water and sugar.


Fruit Donut Filling Flavors

  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Marshmallow (different handling than the fruit powders)
  • Bavarian Creme (different handling than the fruit powders)

The end product is a naturally and artificially flavored jelly-like  product (Real fruit juices can be added to make the products even more real!  Dried fruit purees and powders are readily available or the Fruit filling concentrate can be used as is.)


Typically handling is
1-2 lbs of fruit filling concentrate
8-16 lbs of sugar
10-13 lbs of very hot water




Dry Raspberry Filling Concentrate Raspberry Filling datasheet

Dry Lemon Filling Concentrate Lemon Filling Datasheet

Dry Mango Filling Concentrate

Dry Pineapple Filling Concentrate

Dry Strawberry Filling Concentrate

Dry Marshmallow Filling Concentrate

Dry Bavarian Creme Concentrate

Minimum order is 200 lbs and they are packed in 50 lb poly-lined boxes.