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Lower or Reduced Sodium is  the next nutritional requirement of many food retailers. Are your baked goods ready for this low sodium challenge?  Low sodium is much more than just lowering your salt levels. 

Those who are not could have their products removed from store shelves and be replaced with products that have lower sodium levels. Walmart announced in January of 2011 that Wal-Mart  is committed to eliminating all “industrial trans fats” from its store brands; to reduce added sugars by 10% in “key categories” of food products, and reduce sodium by 25%. All of the efforts will be accomplished by 2015.

Walmart is the first major retailer to commit to lower sodium. Other retailers will soon follow.  Are your products ready for the low sodium challenge?

Key Blends has  the experience to produce high quality reduced sodium items that maintain the taste and quality of regular items.  Our current concentrates are designed to produce great tasting Low Sodium Sweet Dough Mix, Low Sodium Danish Mix, Low Sodium Yeast Donut Mix, Low Sodium Honey Bun Mix, Low Sodium Cake Donut Mix, Low Sodium Muffin Mix and Low Sodium Creme Cake Mix.



New York City National Salt Reduction Initiative Targets

Danish, Sweet Rolls and Yeast Donuts270mg sodium/100g by 2012 and 220mg sodium/100g by 2014

Cakes and Muffins310mg sodium/100g by 2012 and 250mg sodium/100g by 2014

Cookies310mg sodium/100g by 2012 and 250mg sodium/100g by 2014

Pancakes and Waffles510mg sodium/100g  by 2012 and 430mg sodium/100g by 2014



Background on reducing sodium in Food.

The New York City health Department started the National Salt Reduction Initiative in 2009.  The goals are to reduce sodium by 2012 and a further reduction by 2014.  Many companies have signed on to the National Salt Reduction Initiative.  Companies such as Subway, Kraft, Starbucks Heinz, Butterball, Delhaize America, Furmano's, Hostess, Premio, Snyder's of Hanover and Mars have all pledged to reduce the sodium in their products.  This is a trend that all companies need to be aware of and be prepared for.  What are you doing to lower the sodium in your products?


Low sodium is not as simple as reducing salt.  Salt is a major contributor of sodium in many baked goods.  However, it is not the only source.  Sodium Chloride, Sodium Propionate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate and other ingredients also contribute to the overall sodium level. Baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium aluminum phosphate) is also a major contributor of sodium in our foods.


Key Blends looks at the complete package when evaluating sodium reduction.    Salt is a very important flavor contributor in food and it also acts on the gluten proteins and can also help preserve foods.  Potassium chloride can be used as a partial replacement but the off flavors it contributes may not be acceptable and more importantly, high levels of potassium will cause severe health problems for individuals with kidney problems.


All of our Reduced Sodium mixes are designed to help you meet the NY City sodium reduction challenge.  These are not mixes to make reduced sodium claims.  All of these mixes have the same good flavor and texture your customer is expecting from your products.

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