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Lower Sodium Creme Cake

Key Blends has a Lower Sodium Creme Cake Concentrate that meets the New York Salt Reduction Initiative Today!


The Target for Cakes, Snack Cakes, and Muffins is Muffins are:

  • 310mg of sodium /100g by 2012
  • 260mg of sodium /100g by 2014


100g muffins or creme cakes made with Key Blends LS Creme Cake Concentrate contain  160mg of sodium!  This is far below NY's target!  We have accomplished this without sacrificing flavor or texture.  Cakes and muffins made with our LS Creme Cake Concentrate are ultra Moist and of course Delicious!


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Nutritional Fact Statement for

Key Blends Low Sodium Creme Cake Style Muffins

LS Muffin Label