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Alternate Sourced Emulsifiers

Key Blends can provide you with an alternate source of emulsifiers. 

2 recent emulsifier plants have suffered catastrophic damage.

An explosion on March 11, 2015, damaged a spray tower (used to make powdered/beaded monoglycerides used in baking). This explosion blew out a wall up to seven stories tall and three people suffered minor injuries.  The plant is still shut down as of the writing of this article.

A fire broke out at an emulsifier plant in Williamsport, PA on July 22, 2013.  This fire caused significant damage to the facility and plant remained closed for 6 months.

Key Blends has an alternate source for emulsifiers.  These emulsifiers are made in a new state of the art facility in Malaysia.  This plant has all of the certifications that are required for most plants and much more.  This is a plant built to modern standards unlike the plants in the USA that are very old and not in great conditions.

Key Blends will maintain inventory for you in the USA in our warehouse located in NJ.  We can provide short lead times, great prices and our emulsifiers are Non-GMO as they are manufactured from Palm Based Material.


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