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Monoglyceride Emulsifiers in Food

Monoglycerides have been used for years in flour based and starch based foods for their excellent starch complexing capabilities.  This starch complexing ability of monoglycerides is the reason why monoglycerides perform in Anti-Staling of flour and starch based food items.

Monoglycerides in foods are usually included in a range of compounds of Mono and Diglycerides.  However, only a small number of monoglycerides have any significant starch complexing properties.  Only fully saturated long length monoglycerides function as anti-staling compounds due to their ability to form a complex with amylose starch to prevent its recrystallization.  I will refer to these fully saturated long length monoglycerides as Glycerol Monostearate (GMS), but there are other monoglycerides such as glycerol mono palmitate (GMP) that function as well as GMS.

Glycerol Monostearate IS NOT dispersible in a water-based dough at room temperature.  GMS must be melted into water or oil at high temperatures first or another dispersing agent must be added to the GMS to aid in dispersion.

Typical powdered monoglycerides used in food (Distilled 90% monoglycerides) are a blend of 50-60% GMS with 40-50% glycerol Monooleate (GMO).  The GMO portion is not functional as a starch complexing agent and will not contribute to significant softening or anti-staling.  The GMO portion is added for the sole purpose of making the GMS dispersible.    Using typical powdered monoglyceride will only provide about 50% functional Monoglyceride.  The remainder is non-function as a starch complexing agent, but it will act to emulsify the food product.

Hydrated forms of GMS monoglyceride are available that are GMS plus water.  This creates a very functional hydrated form of monoglyceride that is very messy to use and is expensive to ship due to the high water content.  Hydrated GMS are also somewhat unstable and the crystal structure can revert from the alpha crystal to the more stable beta crystal which is not as functional.  (the term 90% alpha monoglycerides is easily confused with the alpha crystal.  Remember the two are unrelated)

Emulsol 220P monoglyceride blend

Key Blends has a unique food emulsifier that uses high HLB lecithin and maltodextrin as the dispersing agent for the fully saturated monoglyceride GMS.    The High HLB lecithin acts as the dispersing agent, but high HLB lecithin is also a wonder dough conditioner that helps with machinability and expansion of the bread.  This results in higher volumes with improved crumb structure.  This combination of fully saturated long chain fatty acids and high HLB lecithin is a powerful food emulsifier to add softness in shelf life to many starch and flour based food items.  This is the most powerful powdered monoglyceride emulsifier for use in food that is fully soluble.

Emulsol 220P also performs well in cakes, sweet dough, donuts, tortillas, pasta, cookies, pancakes, waffles and other starch and flour based food items.