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Non GMO Emulsifiers

 Partially Hydrogenated Oil (PHOS) free!

 Our Non-GMO Emulsifiers solve 2 of your sourcing problems.  

1.  Non-GMO Source  

2. No Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOS Free)

The majority of Emulsifiers sold in the USA are manufactured from Soy Based Stock and many contain partially hydrogenated oils (PHOS).  Soybeans grown in the USA are typically are  Genetically modified Organism (GMO) varieties.  Many countries have limitations on GMO products or have strict labeling that makes them undesirable.  In addition, several states in the USA are trying to implement GMO labeling and many customers want their food to be Non-GMO.  It is not our position to say that GMO's are bad.  However, if consumers want a choice, we will provide a non gmo solution without cost increases.

 Yes, that is correct.  Our non-GMO versions of monoglycerides and  sodium stearoyl lactylate cost the same as the GMO made product and they are PHOS free.  

If Non-GMO monoglycerides and SSL cost the same, why are you using the GMO made ingredient?  You can market your products with non gmo containing ingredients now without a cost increase! Polls have shown a large percentage of Americans would like to buy products that are GMO-Free.

We use the term Non-GMO vs GMO-free as this is the internationally accepted term.  Terms such as zero GMO, GMO-Free and such are misleading.  

GMO contamination has occurred in most food stocks around the world and trace levels can be detected.  Even organic foods and Identity Preserved foods may contain trace levels of GMO.  The acceptable level of unintentional trace GMO's vary from country to country (0.9%-7%).  The EU level of <0.9% is the gold standard that we always try to beat.  Our emulsifiers should be significantly lower than the 0.9% as the source is palm (no soy products) and the products are highly processed.  Typically levels would be <1ppm.  GMO-Free implies a zero level or in the USA less than 0.5%.  Since GMO-free could be misleading or incorrect we prefer the term Non-GMO.  Our goal is to provide you with an emulsifier that is absent of all GMO proteins.

In addition, all of our Non-GMO Emulsifiers are also Partially hydrogenated Oil free (PHOS Free).  Most emulsifiers that are water soluble and made from soy contain PHOS.  Our emulsifiers are palm based and contain zero PHO.

Key Blends has alternatives made from Palm oil. 

Non-GMO PHOS free Distilled Monoglycerides

Non-GMO Propylene Glycol Monoesters

Non-GMO Sorbitan Esters

Non-GMO PHOS free Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate - SSL