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Non GMO Monoglycerides

Non-GMO and PHOS free Mono and Diglycerides

Key Blends has a Non-GMO and PHOS free (partially hydrogenated oil free) Distilled Monoglyceride from Palm stock for use in foods and other products.  All of our ingredients are food grade. Monoglycerides are very popular emulsifiers throughout the food industry.  They are the most common emulsifier.  Most water dispersible monoglycerides (IV values over 10) are made from a blend of fully hydrogenated soybean oil and partially hydrogenated soybean oil.  Our Non-GMO and pho free monoglycerides are made from Palm oil and are not partially hydrogenated.  We have the solution for your PHOS conversion.

We carry 2 grades a low IV Non-GMO monoglyceride and a 22IV Non-GMOo monoglycerides.  Specifications for both are below.

Our non-GMO Monoglycerides are available in several grades for use in:

  1. Bakery/ Bread - Provides starch complexing to make bread softer with longer shelf life
  2. Bakery/Cakes - Provides starch complexing to make cakes softer and to help aerate the batter
  3. Chocolate - Prevents crystallization of fats
  4. Ice cream - Increases stability, aeration, overrun
  5. Whipped toppings- Improved aeration in whipped toppings, better freeze-thaw stability
  6. Extruded Foods - Lubrication
  7. Puddings - De- Foaming and fat incorporation
  8. Peanut butter - Stabilization of the fat phase/ prevents separation
  9. Margarine and Spreads - Improved emulsification of the fat / water phases
  10. Pasta - reduces stickiness
  11. Potato Flakes - Easier processing
  12. Tortillas - reduced sticking and better processing
  13. Caramel - Reduced stickiness and better fat distribution
  14. Halawa - no fat separation
  15. Cheese - Improved melting properties and improved texture
  16. Coffee Whitener - Improved Whiteness
  17. Plastics - antistatic and acts are release agent
  18. Pet food - Increases extrusion capacity and reduces energy input by lubricating and increasing flow


A monoglyceride is part of a fat molecule.  Fats are triglycerides and when 2 fatty acids are removed by enzymatic hydrolysis, a mixture of fatty acids, monoglycerides and diglycerides remain.  This mixture is reacted with  glycerine and is then distilled to extract specific fatty acids that are functional in food.  In particular, we want the low IV fully saturated monoglycerides in bakery products.  The low IV Glycerol mono palmitate and Glycerol Monostearate act as potent starch complexing agents.  Our non-GMO Palm based monoglycerides are  high in the highly functional glycerol mono palmitate.  Many have found the Non-GMO Glycerol Monopalmitate GMP is more functional than Glycerol Monostearate GMS found in GMO-containing soy based monoglycerides.


Typically the spray chilled, or beaded monoglycerides used in bread manufacturing are water soluble.  Low IV monoglycerides are not water soluble.  To make the Low IV monoglyceride water soluble, 40-50% Glycerol Monooleate (a low IV monoglyceride) is added to bring the overall IV to 20-35.  This blend is then water-soluble and can be added directly to the dough.


Our Non-GMO Monoglycerides that are higher in Glycerol Monopalmitate have a lower melt point.  This is an advantage as these slightly lower melt point monoglycerides have better dispersibility in dough and other food products and thus better functionality.


 Mid IV Non GMO Monoglyceride (water dispersible) Specifications

Total Monoglyceride                 >95%

Free Glycerol                          max 1%

Acid Value                              max 3mg KOH/g

Iodine Value                           18-26 g I2/100g

Melting Point                          approx 60C


Low IV Non GMO Monoglyceride (Not water dispersible) Specifications

Total Monoglyceride                 >95%

Free Glycerol                          max 1%

Acid Value                              max 3mg KOH/g

Iodine Value                          max 2g I2/100g

Melting Point                          approx 65C



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