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RSPO Emulsifiers

Key Blends had RSPO palm and non palm Emulsifiers available.  Roundtable on sustainable palm oil.

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  • The Roundtable of sustainable palm oil was established in 2003 to promote growth and use of sustainable palm oil through cooperation within supply chain and to open dialogue with its stakeholders.  RSPO respects the rights of land owners, farm workers, smallholders, and families.  No primary forests of high conservations value areas are sacrificed for new oil palm plantations.

 Sustainability means the capability of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

 R1: Identity preserved (IP)

        Sustainable oil kept apart, traceable to plantation

R2: Segregated (SG)

        Mixing of sustainable palm oil batches allowed.

R3: Mass balance  (MB)

      Mixing of sustainable and conventional oil allowed if monitored administratively through RSPO eTrace system.


Key Blends can be your supplier of RSPO Segregated and Mass balance RSPO SCC emulsifiers certified by SIRIM QAS International.


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